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Getting started

Thank you for choosing HedgeDoc! To set up your instance follow these steps:

  1. Choose an installation method and follow the instructions
  2. Configure your reverse proxy
  3. Configure HedgeDoc
  4. If you didn't disable local accounts, you can use the "Sign In" button to create an account, login and start using HedgeDoc.

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Upgrading HedgeDoc

HedgeDoc follows Semantic Versioning.
This means that minor and patch releases should not introduce user-facing backwards-incompatible changes.

You can find more details about upgrading in the instructions of your installation method.


Before you upgrade, always read the release notes.
You can find them on our releases page.

Migrating from CodiMD & HackMD

Migrating from CodiMD <= 1.6.0 or HackMD <= 1.1.0 to HedgeDoc should be safe, just make sure to read the release notes.
A particular issue that has come up is when handling TLS connections using a reverse proxy. You must set the X-Forwarded-Proto header correctly.

Migrating from more recent versions of CodiMD is not guaranteed to work, although some community members reported success migrating from CodiMD 2.2. If you successfully migrated from other versions, please report your upgrade results in the community forum.