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GitLab (self-hosted)

Note: This guide was written before the renaming. Just replace HackMD with HedgeDoc in your mind 😃 thanks!

  1. Sign in to your GitLab
  2. Navigate to the application management page at https://your.gitlab.domain/admin/applications (admin permissions required)
  3. Click New application to create a new application and fill out the registration form:

    New GitLab application

  4. Click Submit

  5. In the list of applications select HackMD. Leave that site open to copy the application ID and secret in the next step.

    Application: HackMD

  6. In the docker-compose.yml add the following environment variables to app: environment:

    - CMD_DOMAIN=your.hedgedoc.domain
    - CMD_URL_ADDPORT=true
    - CMD_GITLAB_BASEURL=https://your.gitlab.domain
  7. Run docker-compose up -d to apply your settings.

  8. Sign in to your HedgeDoc using your GitLab ID:

    Sign in via GitLab