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Authentication guide - Twitter

Note: This guide was written before the renaming. Just replace HackMD with HedgeDoc in your mind 😃 thanks!

  1. Sign-in or sign-up for a Twitter account

  2. Go to the Twitter Application management page here

  3. Click on the Create New App button to create a new Twitter app:

  4. Fill out the create application form, check the developer agreement box, and click Create Your Twitter Application

    Note: you may have to register your phone number with Twitter to create a Twitter application

    To do this Click your profile icon --> Settings and privacy --> Mobile --> Select Country/region --> Enter phone number --> Click Continue

  5. After you receive confirmation that the Twitter application was created, click Keys and Access Tokens

  6. Obtain your Twitter Consumer Key and Consumer Secret

  7. Add your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret to your config.json file or pass them as environment variables:

    • config.json:
        "production": {
          "twitter": {
            "consumerKey": "esTCJFXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
    • environment variables: