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Authentication guide - SAML (OneLogin)

Note: This guide was written before the renaming. Just replace HackMD with HedgeDoc in your mind 😃 thanks!

  1. Sign-in or sign-up for an OneLogin account. (available free trial for 2 weeks)

  2. Go to the administration page.

  3. Select the APPS menu and click on the Add Apps.

  4. Find "SAML Test Connector (SP)" for template of settings and select it.

  5. Edit display name and icons for OneLogin dashboard as you want, and click SAVE.

  6. After that other tabs will appear, click the Configuration, and fill out the below items, and click SAVE.

    • RelayState: The base URL of your HedgeDoc, which is issuer. (last slash is not needed)
    • ACS (Consumer) URL Validator: The callback URL of your HedgeDoc. (serverurl + /auth/saml/callback)
    • ACS (Consumer) URL: same as above.
    • Login URL: login URL(SAML requester) of your CopiMD. (serverurl + /auth/saml)
  7. The registration is completed. Next, click SSO and copy or download the items below.

    • X.509 Certificate: Click View Details and DOWNLOAD or copy the content of certificate ....(A)
    • SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP): Copy the URL ....(B)
  8. In your HedgeDoc server, create IdP certificate file from (A)

  9. Add the IdP URL (B) and the Idp certificate file path to your config.json file or pass them as environment variables.

    • config.json:

        "production": {
          "saml": {
            "idpSsoUrl": "https://*************",
            "idpCert": "/path/to/idp_cert.pem"

      • environment variables
  10. Try sign-in with SAML from your HedgeDoc sign-in button or OneLogin dashboard (like the screenshot below).